3-Point Checklist for Better Business Planning

As we wind into the end of Q3 2015 for a lot of businesses, the year’s initiatives, in a lot of cases, are already in place and being monitored and managed. New initiatives for 2016 are still on the horizon, waiting for the results and recon for 2015’s strategies. Savvy businesses take this “lull” to do a dive into the network design and review existing systems and processes, so they have the tools they’ll need to support 2016’s business goals.business plan

Shore Up Technology

Chances are, if you’re like most companies, your technology is used as long as possible. Overhauling your network design can be an expensive proposition both in time and in money. However, as any company that has experienced server or network crashes can attest, waiting until the last possible moment can have results that are much more expensive. With that in mind, take this “down” time to review your existing network design, the programs, platforms and hardware you are running, and any accessories that are dependent on it.

Be sure to check:
• Servers, laptops, network hardware
• Software platforms and programs
• Printers, phones, and other accessory machines

Streamline Processes

In your network design review, you should have gotten a glimpse of the day to day programs and systems your staff uses to manage your businesses activities. Do they need to be centralized? Do you have a multitude of individual systems in place? Chances are you are losing profit margin in inefficient processes.

ERP software offers an umbrella source for all of your day to day business functions from accounting to shipping, marketing and CRM, to business intelligence. Many ERP software systems are scalable to fit the size of your company as well as your budget.

Build your Audiences

All the marketing in the world is only as good as your marketing lists. When it the last time you reviewed your target market details or did research on their buying behaviors? Take this time between initiated strategy and new ones to cull your lists, and renew your awareness of who your target market is, and what really drives their interest, and their action.

Be ready for your Q4 roundups and 2016 strategies by educating yourself about your existing network design, tools and platforms so when the next innovative idea comes to the forefront, your company is able to use it to drive your business to the next level.