Acumatica Details

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Financial Management

General Ledger
Create a central repository, fully integrated, with analysis and real-time reporting power.

Accounts Receivable
Automate invoicing and manage collections.

Accounts Payable
Manage liabilities and payments for goods and services.

Cash Management
Control day-to-day transactions, cash balances, funds transfer, and bank account reconciliation.

Currency Management
Do business internationally and manage international subsidiaries.

Tax Management
Support centralized tax configuration, management, and reporting.

Deferred Revenue Accounting
Systematize and accurately account for revenue recognition in future periods.

Inter-Company Accounting
Direct financial reporting, payments, cash management, and inter-entity transfers among multiple entities.

Recurring Revenue Management
Manage recurring billing for accuracy and visibility

Fixed Assets
Track fixed assets and manage depreciation calculations.

Mobile ERP Applications
Enable employees to enter time and expense, review cases, approve orders, and assign task from anywhere, at any time.

Human Resources Management
Acumatica Human Resources Management provides comprehensive HR functions to help you manage, maintain, communicate, and automate employee and company-wide data. Actions are performed in real time and without the need for duplicate data entry. HR functions include Applicant Tracking, ACA Compliance, Benefit Management, Time and Attendance, Employee Self-Service, Performance         Management, Workflow Management and Reports.

Payroll Management
Acumatica Payroll Management integrates Acumatica with employee data to handle all payroll functions for your company (or multiple companies). Automate payroll functions, integrate with external payroll providers, accept employee time and attendance through timeclock or employee portal, manage tax filings, and more.

Field Service
Commerce Edition
Project Accounting