Are you Accounting for the Effects of Software on your Bottom Line? Your Business Consulting Firm Is.

You’re in business to make money. As a business owner, you understand that requires investing in your business, not only time, but money to pay for staff, hardware and the software programs you use to run the day to day processes that keep your company growing, otherwise known as overhead costs. Here’s the thing. It can be those same overhead expenses that can deflate your profit margin potential, simply because you aren’t using the right software or because your internal processes aren’t streamlined to optimize the effectiveness of your staff’s hard work.

Accounting and ERP Software: More Than Just Number Tracking

Accounting software programs tend to be overlooked as tools to streamline a business. Often perceived as a method of tracking only expenses and income, most businesses don’t take advantage of the powerful tools included in their ERP software system, which adds to working hours on projects for staff and decreases productivity.

The fact is, today’s accounting software suites offer highly-integrated tools that allow each stage of your business to be tracked, in real time, from first contact to post-shipment, like:

  • Ability to attach supporting documents to transaction and master records, so your files and their support documentation, exist in one place, not multiple files on your network that can take time to round up.
  • A suite of inventory features designed to meet your sophisticated inventory management needs. Accounting an inventory go hand in hand.
  • Multiple warehouses with unlimited bin locations facilitate any complex warehouse setup. Keep all your records for multiple locations updated regularly.
  • Multi-currency features enable transactions in any currency, and multi-lingual capabilities support global operations. International? No problem.
  • Over 20 modules to fulfill your accounting, payroll, inventory, manufacturing, RMA, CRM and other business requirements. Integration to allow real-time views of all transactions at any stage of the buying process.

Other ERP software systems are actually complete business management programs to power your entire company with one system for Accounting, Time & Expense, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Distribution. This powerful software works seamlessly on Windows, Macintosh and Linux, plus you can have a mix of all 3 different operating systems within the same network. This means one software program will be the hub for all business activity. No more chasing down records or reports – everything is located at one source. Can you say “streamline”?

Is your accounting software offering these tools, or does it just help you track the final numbers based on each sale? It may be time for an upgrade to a powerful ERP program to improve efficiency and get a handle on those ever-increasing overhead costs.