Cut Costs in 2015 with Accounting and ERP Software, POS Systems and Shipping Software

As the end of 2014 comes upon us, manufacturing and wholesale business owners are looking for ways to save money in the coming year on the overhead costs that keep their business running. From the accounting software that ensures your profits each year, the POS systems that helps you manage your inventory and sales to the shipping software that gets your customers orders to them when and where they need them delivered, software programs are at heart of your company’s potential for success.

When you are sitting down with the budget planning committee, be sure to have the track record of your existing programs in place that handle the core factors of your business. Are you losing money? Are your system’s integrated enough to ensure a seamless end-to-end process? Is your staff trained to take advantage of all the tools available within the software systems they use?

Consider the following programs if you find that your company could benefit from an upgrade:

AccountMate and xTuple

These two powerful and integrated accounting software programs offer businesses a plethora of tools that can help them cut costs and streamline their accounting process. AccountMate is designed for small to mid-sized businesses that want the speed and stability of a SQL server without the cost. This accounting software system is also designed to grow with your business, so you never need to pay for more software than you need, keeping costs low.

xTuple is an open-source ERP software that allows for complete integration with all your existing software programs from CRM, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and even inventory, allowing your accounting system to function as the hub of your entire business.

Acme POS Systems

A program that can be fully-integrated with AccountMate accounting software, this POS system allows you to customize the program to fit your company’s needs, from the layout and design to staff training and a powerful and fast customer and product search. Your staff will be empowered with the information they need to handle customer calls effectively and efficiently.

Shipping Software – ShipIt

A fully-integrated shipping software, it allows you to process a shipment for UPS, FedEx and USPS from invoicing, to RMA screens and managing the actual shipment. You can also easily track the insurance value for each package, assign 3rd party billing and track customer records, all from one program. Manage your customer’s deliveries and keep them coming back to you for their needs.

As you assess your business overheard costs, consider the above software programs to streamline your business processes and improve your overall customer experience.