How to Select the Best ERP Implementation for your Company

The profitability of your business is the whole purpose you’re, well, In Business. While your company may be driven by ideologies like offering the best services or products or offering an innovative idea to your audience, these ideologies drive towards one goal, to make money.
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ERP software offers tools your company may need to streamline your internal processes and increase profitability, but software alone won’t beef up your bottom line. It’s implementing the right accounting software to fit the needs of your business that makes the real difference. But how do you vet the various kinds of accounting software that is out there?

Customized ERP

Depending on your company’s needs, a customized ERP implementation may be the way to go. You can work with your business consultant to build a custom ERP software program from the ground up. This can be a costly venture, as you will need to expand your network infrastructure to support the software and its contingent options, but the end-resulting software will include the tools and options you need to track and drive your day-to-day processes to higher profits.

Local ERP Implementation

A second option for ERP implementation is to install the software program locally on your servers. Again, this will require an up-front investment in the servers and extended equipment to fully utilize your accounting software, but since many companies is working with outdated programs, the viability of your software is directly related to your ability to save on overhead costs and increase profit potential.

ERP as an SaaS

A third and easier to implement option for your ERP system is by employing ERP as an Saas, Software as a Service. This takes your accounting software off your physical servers and plants it on the web, or even in the cloud, with access through a login portal.

This ERP implantation option removes the upfront investment in network infrastructure and allows for a customization to the investment itself, to give you all the powerful tools available in your selected accounting software, on a manageable budget.

When using ERP as an Saas, your accounting service provider handles all the software management and acts as a resource to your internal team when questions arise. Many times, costs can be further managed with rental options for the software package, or with re-negotiable yearly contracts.

ERP software is a critical tool to improve your business, but as we noted earlier, it’s the details behind the program you select and how you implement it for your company that will drive your real ability to grow in time.