Most organizations maintain vast amounts of detailed data about the business in several disparate database applications, but have very limited access to timely, integrated, actionable information. Business Alerts can monitor all applications for specified business activities and deliver an integrated, contextual view of the required information, allowing people to make informed decisions and take intelligent actions.

Benefits include:

  • Monitor date-and time-sensitive events
  • Check status of data, such as credit holds, inventory thresholds and sales ratios
  • Merge data into email messages
  • Pass data, files and messages through the pipeline
  • Manage information across multiple databases, including Accounting, HRIS, PM and CRM
  • Gain programming power with point-and-click ease
  • Streamline business processes to dramatically improve efficiencies
  • Keep employees informed for better decision-making
  • Improve customer service and retention
  • Automation of Distribution Manager for use with Excel workbooks

Features and Benefits

Communications Central

Acting as “communications central” from the back office, front office and e-commerce systems, Business Alerts monitors data fields for specified activities, and automatically communicates that activity to the appropriate customers and personnel via email.

Business Alerts provides all these connections in one customizable, off-the-shelf package that is easy to implement and modify, as business requirements grow and change. Information remains alive and databases actively contribute to the efficient running of the business.

Leveraging industry standards, Business Alerts can monitor scores of back-end databases and software programs, and has functionality for Accounting, HRIS, PM and CRM, to name a few. With Business Alerts online, business cycle times and employee communication improve and customers begin to enjoy personalized attention in every transaction.

Alerting Examples

  • The aggregate total amount in the pipeline falls below a defined amount
  • Customers placed on credit hold in the accounting system also have orders or proposals pending in the CRM system
  • A support issue has gone unresolved for a specified time period
  • A customer’s buying pattern changes
  • Approaching deadlines for certain projects
  • Escalate past due account notifications
  • Opportunities lost in specified time period
  • Automatically email electronic invoices
  • Inform key departments of new hire actions required for network log-on ID, computer set-up, etc.

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