Get the information you need, exactly how you need it to effectively run your business by using AccountMate Business Intelligence. Integrate from multiple sources and multiple formats, blending information from across your organization and even from external sources. Manage with an interface truly designed to be used by business people, not IT technicians. Analyze with dynamic ‘slice and dice’ and real-time, drill-down capabilities to leverage your data and to report what matters to your department, division or region. Present through reports, charts, graphs and dashboards which work best for you.

AccountMate Business Intelligence provides dozens of built-in, common reports for Sales,Customer, Item, Vendor, Product Line and Salesperson Analyses, all of which can be customized to any individual’s interests and needs. Along with these pre-packaged reports, you can build your own custom reports without relying on expensive programming talent.

Clickbase VP Sales DB

AccountMate Business Intelligence key performance indicators include:

  • Month-to-month sales comparisons
  • Products purchased by customer in a period
  • Product by product sales in a period
  • Salesperson by salesperson performance in a period
  • Customer Sales, Cost and Margin Year-to-Date versus Prior Year-to-Date
  • Current inventory levels, orders pending and sales trends
Dashboards put your most important information, in real time, on your desktop. With “at a glance reporting” and powerful drill-down functionality, the AccountMate BI Module lets you quickly get to the underlying details to identify root causes of problems.
Increase Agility with Real-Time Access
AccountMate Business Intelligence provides real-time access to any data. You no longer have to build an expensive data warehouse to use business intelligence to make better informed business decisions.

Connect Across the Organization and Across Multiple Databases
With AccountMate Business Intelligence you have seamless integration tools. You can retrieve information from any ODBC compliant database, combine and analyze information across multiple databases and present any of it in the format that meets your unique needs. Now, you can manage, search and relate heterogeneous data from sources like Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, customer service incident reports, email or just about any database source.

Truly Empower Users
Bringing new meaning to the term “ease of use,” AccountMate Business Intelligence allows operational and management personnel to point, click, drag and drop to generate meaningful charts and graphs. Your team can create reports and OLAP cubes giving everyone valuable insight into your organization’s transactions and results.

Information Anytime, Anywhere AccountMate Business Intelligence provides secure communications via TCP/IP to allow users real-time access to information from anywhere, whether it is sitting on a desktop computer in an office or somewhere on the Internet.

Data-driven Report Writing
Distribution of report files to workstations is a thing of the past. With AccountMate Business Intelligence everything is data-driven. Reports, graphs and dashboards can be published simply by giving users and user groups access. No transfer of files. No installations.One Database, Two Databases, Three Databases, Four…
Is all of your information in one database or scattered across multiple applications? That’s not a problem with AccountMate Business Intelligence. With the cross-database tool, information from difference sources can be seamlessly merged with your AccountMate data to provide a centralized view of your entire organization, all in real-time.

Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Reduce the time it takes to build and publish reports, graphs, and cubes. Use existing views to create new views with a completely different meaning. AccountMate Business Intelligence design lets you reuse queries repeatedly to present information in different formats.

Lightning Fast Development
Traditional report writers can be tedious and time-consuming. AccountMate Business Intelligent provides a simple, graphical interface for assembling reports, graphs, cubes and dashboards so that your development time can be minutes instead of hours or days.

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