ShipIt for xTupleThis fully integrated shipping solution allows to process shipments from within the Ship Sales Order, Create Invoice and ShipIt Workbench. It allows you to create multiple packages/boxes and automatically calculate the weight of them by using the weight field from the xTuple inventory, also it automatically and accurately calculates the insurance value for each package and allows you to assign 3rd party billing from account number stored in the xTuple customer record, all seamlessly integrated.

The Lite Version has the same functionality, but without the Pick and Pack capabilities, and with shipping from ShipIt Workbench, not from Ship Order or Create Invoice.

Pro Version Features

  • Package Definition – add items to individual or multiple packages and make changes on the fly.
  • Prints carrier approved Shipping Labels after saving each Invoice or in batches.
  • It writes back to the xTuple Invoice a detail of the shipment including: package weight, value, freight amount, insurance amount, tracking number, etc. This info is maintained on a separate invoice child table for easy access.
  • Amend shipments within the Amend Invoice function as long as the shipment has not been closed for the day.
  • Build a Cross Reference Table for your shipping carriers to match the ShipIT available carriers.
  • New Package Tracking within ShipIt Workbench Screen allows viewing, printing or faxing Invoiced package information from within xTuple.
  • 3rd Party, consignee & Multiple email notification defined by Customer


This system allows you to create package definitions on the Ship Order and or Create Invoice screens

An additional box has been added in the Customer and ShipTo screens. This box defines the default for Freight Billing for each individual Customer and the account number to be billed if “Recipient” or “Third Party” is selected. Modification of packages after they are sent to ShipIT is allowed, as long as the “end of day” has not been processed.

The system provides a setup window for Term and Carrier mapping so existing records in xTuple can be mapped to their corresponding items in ShipIT. For example: If you have set up “UPS” in xTuple, you will want to map it to “UPS Ground” in ShipIt.


The process to create box definitions is almost the same for both the “Ship Order Screen” and the Create/Ammend Invoice” Screen in order to maintain system and screen consistency:

  1. Open the Issue to Shipping screen.
  2. Enter the quantities to be shipped and issue stock, then click Ship.
  3. Open the box definition screen by clicking on the “Define Boxes” button in the ShipIT Interface.
  4. Create the box definitions by creating boxes and assigning items to them.
  5. Close the definition screen and click the “Send to ShipIT” button in the ShipIT Interface.
  6. The information is sent to ShipIT. At this point, the ShipIT interface window will open. All the package information, including carrier and terms will be preloaded onto the form.
  7. Make any necessary adjustments (if any), and save the shipment. Focus is then returned to ShipIt screen in xTuple. All the information generated by ShipIT is returned to xTuple and can be seen by opening the package definition screen.
  8. Save shipment/invoice in xTuple.

Supported Carriers

  • UPS (US and Canada)
  • FedEx (US and Canada)
  • USPS ( (US only)

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8, Windows TS
  • Postbooks, xTuple starting on 3.8.1 and up
  • AKA ShipIT Interface Package with ShipRush Licence

Compatible Hardware

The following is a list of scales and printers supported by SHIP IT:

Electronic Scales

Note: USB connected scales are the easiest to set up and most reliable in operation.
The following scale models are supported via a USB connection to the PC:

Fairbanks model 70-2453, Ultegra, SCB-9000, R9000, and compatible (the type distributed by many shipping carrier sales reps)

Mettler Toledo PS15, PS30, PS-3L, PS-6L, PS60 USB-attached scale, PS90, and compatible

All Supported USB Models (Mettler Toledo, Fairbanks, etc.)

Clipboard-Based Scales

  • Fairbanks 70-2453
  • Fairbanks SCB-2453 Series
  • Fairbanks SCB-R9000 Series
  • Fairbanks Ultegra Bench Scale
  • File-based scales
  • Mettler Toledo PS15
  • Mettler Toledo PS30
  • Mettler Toledo PS3L
  • Mettler Toledo PS60
  • Mettler Toledo PS90
  • NCI 7820-50
  • Transcell TI-500

Note: USB connected scales are the easiest to set up and most reliable in operation.


Supported Zebra/Eltron EPL Models (ShipRush for USPS):
  • Zebra ZP-450, ZP-500, ZP-550
  • LP2844
  • Zebra Z4M, 105SL
Supported Zebra/Eltron EPL Models (ShipRush for USPS powered by Endicia):
  • Zebra ZP-450, ZP-500, ZP-550
  • Zebra 105SL & Z4M
  • LP2844 Connected via the USB port (requires special Datamatrix firmware) (Some LP2844 printers in the field are unable to print Datamatrix bar codes. If you already have an LP2844 printer on hand, and are not sure if it can print Datamatrix bar codes, contact Zebra technical support at 877-275-9327)

* SHIPIT uses ShipRush Engine to process the shipments licensed in the prices above.
* It is not supported to attach a thermal printer to a serial port.
* eBay is a good source for a used thermal printer for a reasonable price (often under $100).
* Prices subject to change without notice.

ShipRush* Powered by ShipRush

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