Is Your Accounting System Keeping Up with Your Changing Business Needs?

As your business grows and changes, the accounting and technology systems you have in place need to adapt, grow, and change as well.

If your systems are unable to keep up, their shortcomings can affect your profitability, your customer service, and you and your staff’s stress levels.

The good news is you can stop tolerating those bottlenecks in your current accounting system.  With all of the great technology solutions available these days, there’s likely to be a cost-effective answer right around the corner.  Finding that answer for you is what we specialize in.

We can help you with:

Technical Support:   Our guaranteed response time of two hours or less continues to wow our clients, and we’d love to have a chance to wow you, too.  With both phone and online support, you can choose how to handle your technical support issues.  We’ll be ready for you, either way.  If you’re experiencing unacceptable downtime, long wait times with vendor technical support, or staff inefficiencies due to long learning curves or bugs in systems, we can probably save you money by finding an efficient solution to your technical support challenges.

I have been doing business with AKA Consulting for 10 years.  Over that time, here are some of the points that I would like to share.  When we had a flood and lost all the memory as well as the server, AKA was able to find a source to retrieve the data from a rusty hard drive and get us back running.  When we moved our offices, AKA worked with us to make the move seamless from our computer needs.  When our server was corrupted, Alex kept us up and running while he quickly had a new server installed.  In short, we have felt like family when dealing with Alex and his staff at AKA Consulting, I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone I know.  — John Hyland, President, Prime Packaging Group Inc.

Integration:  We can smooth out interfaces and connect disparate systems such as billing, accounting, payroll, inventory, point of sale, user controls, reporting, dashboards, e-commerce, and more.  If you’re entering data twice, creating dozens of spreadsheets, or performing lots of workarounds, we’ll probably be able to save you some money by finding an efficient solution to your integration challenges.

OMG!!! My previous computer guy charged us so much money and never seemed to get it right.   AKA Consulting came to our rescue.  Not only did they know what they were doing but also saved us money. When we had problems with our accounting software not only did AKA Consulting fix it but fix it at a timely manner.  When it came to our Accountant’s reports they knew exactly what was needed. AKA Consulting is professional, polite and very knowledgeable about computers and software.  I would highly recommend them to any company.  — Sonia Nieves, Supreme Systems

Implementation:   Ready to scrap your whole accounting system?  We can help you find and implement a new accounting system or simply an add-on that meets both your current and future business requirements.  We take the time to listen to the specific needs that you have in your business.  Plus, you’ll benefit from our experience; we’ve performed hundreds of installations for clients in distribution/wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and services.  If you’re ready to look at new accounting system alternatives – whether you are up-leveling for growth or downsizing for efficiency and cost savings, we can help you find the best accounting system that meets your needs and budget.

 We have worked with AKA Computer Consulting since September of 2010.  They have implemented a great solution for our business with QuickBooks Enterprise, by paying close attention to the details of our business needs.  AKA was very helpful and creative to insure that the installed system would do everything we required, and more.   — Steven Dreyfus, President, ANSED Diagnostic Solutions, LLC.

Data Conversion:  Data conversion goes hand in hand with upgrading or implementing a new system.  We have the skill and experience to seamlessly transition your business data as well as help you avoid the many pitfalls of this major piece of your systems project.

Customization and Custom Programming:  Customizing a new system is often the key to benefiting from improved workflow efficiencies.  We can help you customize existing features as well as supplement your core system with custom programming modules.  We have a full staff of versatile programmers who are efficient in many programming languages, including Visual FoxPro, C# (C Sharp), Visual Basic .NET, and SQL (Structured Query Language).  Our staff is also proficient on database design and web programming, including HTML, DHTML, ASP.NET (VB.NET, C#), JavaScript and VbScript. If you have two or more legacy systems that need to talk with each other more effectively or a special requirement that your current system does not meet, we can help you with a solution that is custom-tailored just for you.

Training: Our expert training sessions will help you cut learning curves and avoid common mistakes in your new system.  We will custom-tailor your training to suit your needs as well as offer the choice of on-site or remote delivery. If your employees are spinning their wheels or making procedural mistakes with your accounting system, we can help you with training solutions that will increase productivity.

Are You Frustrated with Your Current IT Support?

When your IT support staff understands the language of your business and the language of accounting, it can make a huge difference in their productivity, speed, and cost-effectiveness.  And that’s exactly what you get when you give us a call.

The good news is we not only implement accounting systems, we provide full hardware and networking solutions as well.  AKA uses only the latest, best-of-breed network components to ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted, reliable network performance to serve as the foundation for your business management system.  So if you need some new PCs, a failsafe backup solution, security support, or networking, you can contact us to provide you with a custom-designed solution you can rely on for the life of your business. 

As a medium-sized business owner I don’t always have time to deal with my IT situations, this is where I have found Alex and his staff at AKA Consulting to be most valuable. Whether it is installing a new server or just a work-station, I have found that the expertise that AKA brings to the project saves me time and money over doing it myself, even with my broad knowledge base.  I was lucky to find Alex when I was looking to upgrade my AccountMate system. He was presented by the company as a local AccountMate dealer that could handle the account. He has gone from being by software solution to my one-stop IT solution for both the office and personal needs. He understands both the business aspect of these confusing things; computers/networks and the personal needs of these confusing things; wives. The staff at AKA has a firm understanding of both the Technical requirements and the Personal needs, which I have always found important.  — Bruce Laker, American Challenge

We’d love you to consider us as your IT partner in business. To schedule your complimentary consultation, please give us a call at 888-351-8355 or e-mail us at