AKA Computer Consulting has been serving Distributors and Wholesalers since 1995.
We carry a few different products to tailor the needs of every distribution or wholesale business.

xTuple_ERP-med xwd-250

xWD — xTuple for Wholesale Distribution — is a package of enhancements designed to extend any xTuple ERP Edition to serve the needs of this inventory-intensive business community. The package includes features generally needed by all distributors and specific ones requested by the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and industrial wholesale distribution marketplace.

Accountmate Software

AccounMate handles Distribution best with a vast array off options and add-on’s
like Accu-dart RF warehouse management system.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Quickbooks Enterprise can handle Lite Manufacturing / Distribution and it is a good choice for small businesses with a small budget that do not require any customizations.


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